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Thursday, July 31st, 2003
11:19 am
My first post here in this LJ... so sup homies? I'm clicking public, in order to let all my non-friends out there know that this is anonymous, and will be open to friends only... HOWEVER, since it is anonymous, you can add me as a friend, and if i see fit, I will add you too... Note that the birthday I've provided is NOT accurate, although I am presently in Shenyang, China. I do not live here, but I am here for the summer. Do not be hasty to judge me, for no one post or picture could accurately discribe the essence of me. I do not belong to one specific "clique" and i defy all of the social laws placed upon me by popular culture. I think for myself, and despite what the media tells me to do, I make my own decisions. Thank you for reading my very first post in this LJ, and I hope to approve of many of you and allow you to indulge in the details of the life I presently live in.

Current Mood: hungry
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